Poverty of Existence

by Slowly We Rot

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Recorded in December 2014 by Niels C. (vocals & guitar) - Chris M. (bass & backings) - Serge B. (guitar) and Vic S. (drums)


released February 13, 2015

Engineered by Kurt V. - Mixed and mastered by Jason F. at Son of Sun studios.

Artwork and layout by NJL, influenced by Judy Chicago's 'Ablutions' installation.

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all rights reserved


Slowly We Rot Maasmechelen, Belgium

"Poverty of Existence" out on tape now, due to be released on 12" vinyl in june 2016.

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Track Name: Guillotine Twins
Broke the noose – avoided the pyre

A barren plan to escape the mire

But your thoughts sink within

Drench you in guilt while you try to break free from sin

Reflected guillotine, take me where I need to be 

Everything I despise I became

Slowly yet moving straight

as it made me a wraith

Track Name: Scalp Them
Extortion determines our kind

Among generations of rapists and murderers

We seek them as the reaper’s minions 
and claim justice for their wrongs

Callous hordes looking or new blood

Scalp them for the skinless beings they are

Track Name: Poverty of Existence
A plague, spreading viciously as it reaps us as the anxious slithering worms we are

With the vultures scavenging through this infected world there’s no hope to be found

Trying to build a paved life while it’s being gnawed to shreds like a rope

Hating more than could be loved

All gifted the poverty of existence

We marked our own deaths

By trusting the few who survived

Through decades of liars

Yet we follow like herds of sheep

Awaiting the slaughter
Track Name: Heiress
A dying heart is the beginning of all knowledge

Yet we absorb, tend to replenish the hollow

Yet we know, it’s all a dead end we follow

And end up drowning, in mourned cold emptiness

Crawling out of that shallow womb, further into the depth

To unmask a forclaimed heiress, that has nothing left

Track Name: Worn Out
I descend into the darkest corners
 to grieve and tear out the pain

But it’s fuelled with something more compelling 
than just mourning the soul that’s been rotting away

The curse to carry the unbearable weight of someone invisible

Transparent as lucid dreams

Surviving with heavy gasps and staggering through thorns,
while being devoured by the screams

You wore me out like a disease
Track Name: Solitary Realm
Faith isn't fed by trust, it's the hope for humanity to be human and that's why you always lost

Everyone has a prosthetic face, it's only waiting

Your blood starts to boil, your guts start to melt

As the feeling to be alone compels you

The solitude can bring no harm, cause everyone dies alone
Track Name: Among the Roaches
Why do we roam out here?

I’m still floating in between restlessness and fear
cause they’re all on the loose,

betrayers and martyrs enjoying their parade

Let’s torche it before it’s too late

They march onward with teeth on tongues

I’ve had enough of this horror

Taking all that you love, all that you live for

Just to satisfy their hunger

So we hunt them down and behead the leader